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Top 5 smartphone fails of 2017

Smartphone are an essential part of our life these days.We need our smartphones for somerhing every other minute. Smartphones have transformed the life of humans in a great way and provided various facilities which were not there in the earlier times. Because of all this everyone want to have a smartphone.If you are about to purchase a smartphone then you should be looking for a phone which will suite your purpose. But there are some smartphones  which gained a lot of hype but you should stay away from them. Here is the list...
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Xiaomi Mi 5

This phone seems as a good option earlier but after the entey of some other phones like one plus 5 ,this phone remained to be as another hyped ordinary chinese phone.This phone comes with 5.15 inch screen ,DDR4 ram,32gb internal paired with snapdragon 820.

Xperia XZ dual

This phone promoises a lot but unable to provide quality service to the users.As stated this phone comes with 23MP rear camera and 13MP front camera to provide you with better picture quality but the performance of the camera is average.This phone comes with 3gb of ram,snapdragon 820,64gb internal storage.The price range of this phone is too high for these features.

Iphone SE

The phone comes with a dual core 1.8GHz Apple A9, 4 inch display ,32/128 gb internal storage. The price of 128gb varient was ₹35000 which is too high for these specifications.You can easily buy an octacore 6gb ram android phone for that price range and that to provide better performance and a lot more features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

This phone comes with features like overheating and exploding some times.Although this has a very good look and very good features too but the heating problem is the main reason it didn't get that many sales.It was released in the late 2016 and Samsung specifies that the heating problem was because of the batteries supplied two of the suppliers.

Nokia 3310

This phone comes with a lot of preinstalled apps but lack of support for whatspp,facebook and other app make this phone a worthless device.It doesn't support 4g and no wifi is there.The screen size is too small. All these liabilities contribute to less sales of this phone.
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