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Top 5 Pendrives you must have | Best Pendrives | Buy pendrive Online | Best performance Pendrives

Hey!there, So you are about to buy a pendrive but don't know which pendrive to buy. So we have formulated this list of 5 best pendrives for you. These pendrives are available in 16gb , 32gb , 64gb...
Some of these are personally owned by me and are giving best performance. These pendrives are the best if you are about to buy a pendrive online and want something that is fast , good build, trusted brand etc,.. These pendrives covers all the areas. So guys lets start with our number one pendrive:-


This one is my favourite of all, yes i have one for over 3 years. It gives the best performance in terms of speed. It is a very good build pendrive and that too from sandisk.  This is a 3.0 pendrive and performs best on 3.0 ports but also works better than average pendrives on 2.0 ports as well. It provides you with upto 100 mb per second speed when using on a 3.0 port(Upto 100mbps reading speed and over 30mbps writing speed). On 2.0 port you will get a 20mbps+ reading speed and around 18mbps writing speed which is better than most of the pendrives available there. This pendrive comes in 5 variants 16gb , 32gb, 64gb , 128gb and 256gb. If you are about to buy a pendrive you should definitely go for this one.

The second pendrive in our list is from hp(a trusted and well known brand). This pendrive is also the one which supports 3.0 port that means you will get fast data transfer rate and quality of hp from this pendrive . It is quite small in size and good looking. It too provides speed of around 100mbps and available in many variants like 16gb, 32gb ,64gb etc,. It you trust hp and want a branded pendrive you should definitely go for this one.


Another pendrive from sandisk on our list. Apart from support for 3.0 port this pendrive provides you with OTG(on the go) facility as well. You can use this pendrive in your computer/laptop as well as in your mobile phone also. It provides you good transfer speed and reliable in case of transfering data from computer to your smartphone. So if you want a pendrive which will work with both computer and mobile phone than you should go for this one.


This is very small and cute looking pendrive. It comes in 16gb to 128g varients. Sandisk ultra provides good writing and reading speed and this one is from sandisk so you can buy it without any hasitation . This pendrive supports 3.0 port so you will definitely get the best in terms of speed. It is on the 4th spot in our list. 


First one from transcend in our list ,transcend is not a very popular brand but this pendrive is very good in terms of quality. It is available with 3.0 support , so it will definitely provide you with good reading and writing speed. It has a good rubberized design that is suitable for many types of outdoor activities. Aside from all this pendrive is reistant to water,dust and scratches. The rubberized look make it very easier to handle and less likely to slip out of your pocket.

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