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Jio 4g volte phone absolutely free of cost || New Jio offer ||Latest Jio offer august 2017

There is a good news for the customers who are not able to use jio sim because they don't own a 4g smartphone,Reliance Jio is going to provide a 4g volte phone to the users absolutely free of cost.

As Jio have already invested biillion of dollars in this field, this offer is not a big deal for them they will be providing its users with Rs.0 handset very soon ,So that the user who can't afford a 4g phone and want to use reliance jio sim can use it. This will surely increase the customer base of reliance jio by a large margin as a lot of people are still using their 2g or 3g phones and Jio only provides 4g facilities. This will surely affect the user base of the companies which are providing 2g and 3g facilities because some users have no choice rather than to use an airtel, idea or vodafone sim card because jio sim only works in 4g handsets.

New Jio 4g volte phone :-
Reliance industries chairman Mukesh Ambani today announced that a 4g volte phone will be provided to its users for absolutely free of cost. You will be able to use your jio sim in it, and also will be able to use all the facilities provided by jio using this phone.

Features of New Jio phone :-
This phone is not very good in look, it is like an old nokia phone with 2.4 inch screen and no touchscreen is there instead there is keypad given in its place. There is bluetooth, torch, sd card slot in this jio phone. The new jio phone will support 4g volte. This new Jio phone has fm radio, headphone jack using which you can add and listen your favourite songs. 

New jio offers :-
With the new jio phone you will get a special pack in which you will get unlimited data, unlimited calls, unlimited sms and jio apps for only ₹153 per month. There are also 2 day and one week plans coming with this new jio phone.
Also you can subscribe to jio's tv for Over ₹300 a month in which you will get almost all the channels for a month.

Availability :-
These phones are not available in the market right now but in the initial phase these new jio phones will be given to the employees of jio for testing purpose. 
The registration of the new jio phone will begin from 24th August and the phone will be made available to the customers from the first week of september.

Note :- You might have to pay Rs.1500 deposit fee which is refundable after 3 years to get this new jio phone. So this phone is not realiy a free phone. But we can say it is a free phone because the fee we have to pay will be refunded.

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