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How to remove background noises from your recorded audio

You just recorded an audio and want to send it to someone and when you hear it you find out that it contain a lot of noises. You have deleted that audio and start recording another one but again find out that it contain a lot of noises as well. You got frustrated because of this and just drop the idea of sending your recording. Well in that case you don't need to do that just have to remove noises from the recording and the process to remove these noises is very simple as well . So guys in this post i will be teaching you how to remove background noise from your recording. So lets begin....

Software Used : Audacity

Audacity is a audio editing and recording computer software application which was release in may 2000 and is probably one of the best audio editing software available in the market. Audacity is free of cost software and you can easily download it.

How to remove background noise using Audacity :-

1)First of all download audacity from here

2)Now click on file on the top right cornor and open the file you want to remove noise from or you can drag and drop the file into audacity directly.

It will look something like this :-

3)Now select the part of the audio where only noise exit i.e.the part in which your sound is not there(It my be in the start or end of your recording)

In my case it is in the starting of the audio so i have selected it(As show in the image)

4)Now go to effects > noise reduction > get noise profile and select the full audio clip by pressing ctrl + A

5)Now again go to effects and click on noise reduction and then click on OK.
6)You will notice there is a shrinkage in the noise area.
7)You can repeat these steps to get a clearer audio.

Note : Excess use of this will make you audio dull, So use it only 1-2 times on one file.

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