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How to make money from Amazon,Ebay and Flipkart without any investment

If you  are looking for finding a way to earn money online without investment then you are in the right spot. Are you tired of fake ways to earn money online like fill survey or add member etc,. and you want to know about the real ways to earn money then read this article to the last to know the best way to earn money online without investment.So lets begin..

It is a type of performance reward based marketing in which a person who is affiliate partner of a website is rewarded for the each sale or purchase generate throught his/her links. The websites pays a percentage of the amount of the purchased item to the affiliate partner through who's link the sale was generated. It works as promotion of the website in which all the work is done by the affiliates.

In affiliate marketing you have to share the links of various products available on the website with your friends/family etc,.You can do so using facebook,whatsapp or other social networking sites as well .The e-commerce website have no issue with the way you have generated the sale. You can generate the sale in any way and you will be paid a percentage of the generated sale after the payment of the item sold is done successfully.

How to earn money from Amazon, Ebay and Flipkart :-
1)First of all you have to sign up for affiliate accounts of these website .
   You can use these links to signup for the affiliate account:-

2)Verify the account you have just create using the link you get in your email.

3)Now signin into your affiliate account.

4)Now search for the product you want to promote like pendrives,or anything else available on the website.

5)Now click on get link.

6)Copy the link and share it with your friends using facebook,instagram,twitter etc,..

7)If any of your friend buys a product using your link you will get a percentage of the price of that product.

8)So guys don't wait and get started now.

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  1. Sir I didn't know how to do affiliate marketing ,can u please tell me how to promote this .


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