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How to find out the saved wifi passwords in windows

Suppose you have set a difficult password for your wifi and after few days you too doesn't remember the password because of which you are not able to access the wifi on your other devices except your laptop. So you are ready to change the password of your wifi. No don't do that, you just don't need to reset the password , you can esily find out the saved password of your wifi using the tutorial given in this post. So guys lets get started ...

How to find out wifi password :-
1)Turn on your laptop's wifi.
2)Connect it to your wifi network.
3)Now go to bottom right cornor of your lappy and right click on wifi symbol and choose " open network and sharing" option

4)Now click on wifi(name)on the right hand side, a window will popup when you click on it.
5)In the poped up window select wireless properties

6)Now click on security and then click on show character 

7)And this is your saved wifi password.

Now as you have find out your wifi password just share this post with your friend so that they too get benefits of it.

If having any queries/suggestion feel free to comment.

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