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How to find the best smartphone you can buy

If you have a lot of money which you can spend while buying a smartphone, you should go for Apple's Iphone or Samsung's Galaxy smartphones. But as you know they are too costlier which will cost you around Rs.50000-70000(Aroung $600-800). However if you don't have that much money you can still find out a phone from lesser known manufacturer with lots of features that too in very low price. In this post i am sharing with you the best way find perfect off-brand phone for you.


Android is the most commonly used operating system in smartphones these days. As you can find hundreds or thousands of options for this operating system, On the other hand windows and ios have only handful of options. Also android provides a lot more features than the other two operating system. As android is an open source operating system, the chances of you finding a device with android having low price are very high. Android is basically life line of the smartphone market these days. Everyday a lot of new features were added in this operating system. As this operating system comes from tech giant GOOGLE so you can trust it to provide you with smooth user experience that too in very low budget. Also every year a new version of android is launched with new added features which makes it even better than its competitors.So go for android as android is value for money.

Take a look at Moto G4 features.

Determine your Price Range

Your budget matters a lot when you are about to buy a smartphone because according to your budget you can select a reputed brand like motorola, htc,one plus, nokia etc, to buy a smartphone from. If you have a lower budget you can select companies like Xaiomi,Gionee,Oppo,Vivo etc,..Your budget also define the features you can get in that price range and that too from which smartphone company. You can also select the option in which the smartphone companies have tie ups with mobile service providers like in india recently honor tied up with jio to provide users with extra 4g data on purchase of a smartphone.

Priortize Your features

Never buy a smartphone based on its looks because looks doesn't matter when buying a smartphone because what really matters is the features it provides to the users. Features like camera, ram, rom, android version, processor, screen size, screen resolution, battery and others should be considered before purchasing a smartphone because these are the things that will provide you with good usage experience rather than the design of the device. The main step while looking for a smartphone is the features you want. A good feature phone is way better than the one with good looks and design. But a smartphone with good design and good features is always better.

Also check out Huawei honor 8

If you are planing to buy a smartphone don't go for these smartphones

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