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Government of India Launches app to Check GST rates : GST Rate Finder

Government of India today launched an app named as "GST rate finder" which will help people of india in finding GST rate for variour commidities.This app is created by the central bank of exices and custom(CBEC).

This app is currently available for android users only but will be developed for other operating systems like ios,windows later. After downloading the app once the users can use the app offline to find the GST rates of various goods and services.

A tax payers can search for CGST(Central Goods and Services Tax), SGST(State Goods and Service Tax) and UGST(Union GST) rates and compentation cess on a supply using this app.

Earlier this month government of india imposed GST(Goods and Services Tax) as a replacement for various taxes applicable on the goods and services. This step will lead to 2% growth of indian economy.

Download from here

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