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Genuine ways to earn money online | Best ways to earn money online | Learn and Earn

Guys in this tutorial i am gonna teach about best ways to earn online.These ways provides you with a lot of money if you does it with dedication. No need to refer anyone,no need to download any app,no survey,no need to add members.These are genuine ways to earn money without investing anything.So guys lets start....


It is probably the best way to earn money online.You just select a topic people are interested in and create a channel,Start creating videos related to the selected topic.You have to attach your youtube account to adsense account to earn revenue.You can also earn a lot of money by promoting stuff,by sponsorship etc,..
The basic requirnments to earn money in this field is a verified adsense account and talent. You need to have a lot of knowledge about copyright criterias and community guideline to be successful in this field.


It is similar to youtube but you have to write content instead of creating videos in this case.You can earn a fare amount of money if you do a decent job in content creation.You can earn money by writing featured blogs,by sponsership,by advertising etc,...You need to have an adsense account first of all and knowledge of the field you want to blog about.You can start your blog on Blogger or on Wordpress as your wish.With blogger you can start with a .blogspot blog free of cost and you have to spend few bucks if you want a custom url for your blog.
To be successful on blogger you need to have good knowlege of SEO(Search Engine Optimiztion).

3)Affiliate Marketing 

Guys this is one of my favourite online earning methods.In this you have to create an affiliate account in the ecommerse website like amazon and they will pay you a percentage of sale on every product sold through your link.It is the easiet way to earn money you don't have to do much,just share the links and enjoy.You can earn money through these affiliates even if you don't own a website or a youtube channel.All you have to do is just share your links with your friends and get started.
You can earn a lot of money using this method.It is one of the best method to earn money online without any investment.


If you have some skills like reading,writing,typing etc, can earn a lot of money using fiverr .In this potential employers gave you some work according to your qualification and you will earn money by doing these jobs.The skills you present matters a lot in this field of work.If you have good knowledge of your field you can earn a handsome income from fiverr.


You can earn a lot of money indirectly through instagram but this is only possible if you have have a large subscriber base.You can earn a large amount of money by giving shoutout and you can also promote your youtube channel using instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social networking site these days ,if you have the skill just create an Instagram account and get started with earning money.

Guys these are the five best ways to earn money online.I will be sharing information related to these ways seperately in my other post.
So keep visiting cooltricks to get information like this.

If having any queries or suggestion please comment below.

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