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Create your own website for free | create a blog | build free website

Hello! friends,In this post i am gonna tell you about the easiest way to create a blog website free of cost. You don't need any technical knowledge or any programming skill to do so. Just go through this post and you will be able to create a free blog website in no time.So lets start...

How to create your own website for free :-
1)First of all go to
2)Sign in using your gmail account
3)Select from 'create a google+ profile' or 'create a limited blogger profile'
(If you already have a g+ account you don't need to create a profile.
4)Enter the display name and click on continue on blogger

5)Now click on 'Create new blog'

6)Write title as the name of website you want to create

7)Write the address like 
   (Replace cooltricks with your website name)

8)Now you have to add some theme to your blog by clicking on theme in the left side menu and click on customize if you want to add custom template or click on Edit HTML if you want to edit the html.

9)Now you are ready to go, Just add post and click on publish

This is how you can create a free blog website .Hope you like the post.

If have any suggestion/queries comment below.

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