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Buying Smartphone Online Vs buying Offline, Which one is better??

These days a lot of cell phones are available online and a lot of them are available offline as well. Users always have to think about buying the phone online or offline. As e-commerce bussiness is fulerishing at an enormous rate in india ,people prefer buying things from a shopping site because it provides day to day delivery and options like replacement and return are there as well. So the question still exist is whether to buy a smartphone online or offline. So in this post i will tell you about whether you should buy a phone online or offline. So lets get started...

Buying A smartphone Offline :-
If you went on to a store to buy a mobile phone, you will find a big store well furnished and 2-4 employees to attend to customers. So how does these employees get paid,well they get paid from the commission the store is making on the mobile phone when they sell it to you.The margin money for the store owners range from around 5% to 16% . Also there is a commission for the area dealer and the dealer who supplies the phones in the whole state or city. So basically if a smartphone company provides them with a phone worth Rs.10000, after all these commissions it will be sold to you for around Rs.15000. That is almost 50% increase in the price of the actual product. So the products like vivo and oppo which are available only offline are not worth even buying because you will waste your money if you bought these phones.

Buying a smartlhone online :-
On the other hand online companies like amazon,flipkart etc,. only charges 5-10% per device because they don't have to worry about the state/city or area dealers. The smartphone will be delivered to you free of charge and you can return or ask for replacement within 10-15 days. Means over all you will be saving 30-40% of your money doing this. Wether you buy a smartphone online or offline you can still get the customer care support. So if you are hesitant to buy a smartphone online then you should not worry about it because it is very safe and you can choose cash on delivery option also to make the payment. So according to me the online option is better.
If you are going to buy a smartphone online ,you should have knowledge about refurbished phones and should go for new phones only.

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