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How to download torrent files with Internet Download Manager

Yes!you heard it right you can download torrent files with idm or any other download mangers.Today i am gonna show you how to download torrent files with any download manager.Actually if you know how torrent work it seems impossible to believe that torrent files can be downloaded using download mangers but it is possible now.So guys follow the steps below and download the torrent files of your choice with download managers.Here we go....

Various methods to download torrent files via download mangers :-

>Visit Bitport  and create new account,also verify your email
>Copy magnet link from torrent site and paste on Bitport site
>Bitport will take a few seconds and upload the file to its servers
>When the chaching process is finished,you will get a direct download link
>Now you can download the file with idm or any other download manger.

Via Filestream

>First, visit Filestream and sign up using your Email id. Here are some Premium Coupon codes that you can use while signup and get 1 Day Premium facility for free. Premium Codes: snr6njhcyo, kqeo2en1tb,7k2jf507su
>Verify your Email Address by clicking the confirmation link sent to your Email Inbox
>Now you are ready to download any torrent files.You can get torrent files from different torrent sites sites and Copy magnet link of the torrent files you want to download like below

torrent to idm direct link
>Now paste this magnet link to your Filestream dashboard
torrent to idm filestream>Click on the Download Button and IDM will start downloading the files from torrent to filestream server.
download torrents with idm>You can also upload torrent files which has a file extension .torrent
download torrent with idm>Now please wait 2-3 minutes. You will get your torrent files on your Filestream dashboard by now. After the caching process is complete you will get options to download the file. Click on the Download button that appears right to your filename. If the download does not start then right click on the download link and copy the download link. Open IDM and paste the download link. If you download torrent frequently then use Filestream premium subscription to get your file cached very fast. Usually Free users get less priority. So though you will get faster speed while downloading torrent using Filestream the premium accounts get the top priority

                download torrent with idm and quicktorrent
                >First Visit OffCloud and create an account.
                >Currently they will give you 7 day free trial. You can download 50GB+ torrent files with one day trial. But for this you have to verify your email. Wait sometimes and a verification link will be sent to your email, just click on it to verify your account.
                >Now copy your favorite torrent’s magnet link and paste it on the Offcloud/Quick Torrent Dashboard.
                >Offcloud/Quick Torrent will upload the file to your account within minutes.
                >Now you can Download torrent files with IDM using the direct download link.

                Download torrents with IDM and Putdrive

                download torrent with idm and putdrive

                How to Download torrents with Putdrive:

                >Visit Putdrive and Sign-up.
                >On your Download File Dashboard” PASTE any magnet link of your fabourite torrent and click NEXT
                >You can also upload .torrent files.
                >Please wait for sometime and let Putdrive cache the torrent file to their server
                >After caching is complete you can download the torrent file with IDM or any other download manager to enjoy unlimited torrent download speed.

                Download torrents with IDM and ZbigZ

                torrent to idm zbigz

                How to Download torrent files with ZbigZ:

                >First create an account from this link

                >You can download torrent without register but if you register you will be able to keep track on your files and will get more useful features.
                >Just paste your torrent magnet link and click Go
                >Your file will be available to your personal account within minutes
                >You can use IDM to directly download these torrent files to get maximum download speed

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