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How to recover deleted files from memory card/pendrives

Hello visitors,Many times we accidently delete some files which are very important to us because of which we have to spend a lot of time to regain those files and have to do a lot of efforts.
Today, i am gone show you how to recover deleted files.It is a very easy process and take 10-15 minutes to recover the data. Follow the steps below to recover your data :

How to recover deleted files :-

1)First of all download recuva from here
2)Now install and open recuva.It looks something like this
3)Now click on next and on the next screen choose the type of file you want recover(music,video,documents,email etc..)
4)Click next and on the next screen select the drive from which you want to recover deleted files.
5)Click next and on next screen if you want to scan deep choose it
(deep scan option take more time to complete but is more effective)
6)Click next and start the process.Wait till the process completes.

7)Now to select the files from the list presented to you which you want to recover and click on recover.

8)You have successfully recovered your deleted files.

If you are having and problem,feel free to comment.

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