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Snapdeal Loot - Get 300 sd cash by referring friends

Snapdeal is back again with refer and earn offer for snapdeal app.You can earn 300 sd cash by referring 3 friends.To get 300 sd cash follow the below steps:-

Steps to get sd cash :-

1)First download the latest version of  snapdeal app

2) Now You Have To Make New I'd On Snapdeal Because Nowadays Old ID's are Not Getting Referral Credits. So, I prefer Start With New Account.

3)Put This Code ( F9yc678472 ) When You Sign up You Get 100rs. Sign up Bonus. When you don't put this code "F9yc678472" you can earn maximum 200rs./account So put this Code to increase sd cash to 300rs.

4)Don't Forget that you can refer the app to maximum 3 friends. So, you earn 100 when you sign up with my code and remaining 3 (100×3=300) Means Total 300rs. Per account so, Make New Account, when you reach limit.

Use Code ( F9yc678472)

Trick to get unlimited sd cash :-

Required Application :-

1. Xposed Installer
2. Xprivacy
3. Hide My Root
4. RootCloak
5. Snapdeal App

Follow the steps:-

1. First you have to Download Xposed Installer After download open Xposed app and Go to Framework Option There you can See option of install/update click on button after that you see pop up of successful now reboot your Device Xposed Installer Is ready to use.

2. Now You Have To Install three apps Xprivacy, RootCloak and Hide My Root. Tick these apps by going to Xposed Installer in Modules Section, You see like this just tick both apps And Reboot Your Device.

2.1. Now Open RootClaok app and click on (+) icon to add Snapdeal app this app helps us to hide root from other apps.

2.2. You see Pop up Just Click On Snapdeal App it's Done.

3. Here you go, Now Open Hide My Root App.

4. Just click on the 1st option Hide Su Binary.

5.Now This Is the Important Set up So, Follow Carefully Open Xprivacy App. Scroll down you see Snapdeal App listed there click on it.

6.Now You See Lots Of Options But You Have to Click This three,
•} Phone
•} Shell
•} System

7. Now Click Shell you see some options there you have to tick the options  ( "sh" & " su" ).

8. Then Click on System you also see lots of options Click on the Option ( getInstalledPackages ) .

9. You see three Dots on the top right, Now Click on Settings.

10. Now you see Options Like.. Clear & Randomize Now
Click on Randomize Now.

11. After That in Top You See Floppy Like Icon Click on it to save everything. Done

›› Now Open Your Snapdeal App
And Sign Up With Your Refferal Code. congratulations Done

12. Now again make a new freecharge account from the same email id that is being used on snapdeal and mobile number too should be same.

To Use This Trick Unlimited Times

° Clear Data Of Snapdeal App.
° Now Open Xprivacy App
  Scroll Down And,
° Click On Snapdeal then,
° Click On Menu Option & Now Click On Settings.
° Randomize Again And Click Floppy Icon To Save.
° Now Open Snapdeal App Again Fill Number Refferal Code Enjoy.
° Make new freecharge account from same number and email id.
( Repeat Steps Again & Again )

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    1. @Kuldeep

      Try registering with another number.

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